Doctor Jarret: Do You Date Someone With Bad @$$ Kids?

  1. Scott says:

    I have a kid that lost his mother to liver. She died quick. Kid is doing really well but I met someone new. Her kid is a terror and screams constantly. My 7 yr old does great and stays in his room unless he needs help with something or is hungry. Her kid is screaming and punching my kid. He is two yes younger but I cannot handle his behavior. I’m afraid it will teach my kid bad things. My kid it’s what I make and all his vegetables. Her kid won’t eat anything but sugar apple sauce and is super picky. I like her but I cannot put up with the child or have him influence my 7 yr old

  2. Scott says:

    Her kid is 5 mine is 7. I feel funny discipline her kid. I don’t really have to discipline my 7yr old anymore

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