Whether you’ve just completed a workout or ate garlic shrimp pasta, chances are, at one time or another, you’ve been the stinky person in the room. In most cases, a simple shower, swipe of deodorant, or some toothpaste could fix the stink. But in other cases, it may not be so simple. That’s because your […]


March 23, 2017

Black Enterprise: Body Odors You Should Never Ignore

It’s OFFICIAL…. it’s 2017. For millions of Americans the new year is also starting with new year resolutions around health. Whether your goal is to lose weight, build muscle, better manage your blood pressure or just eat healthier its difficult for most people to sustain those good intentions throughout the year. In January resolutions are […]


January 5, 2017

Ask Nurse Alice™: How to Keep Your Healthy New Year Resolutions Going Strong

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