I’m a mom, a nurse, an educator, an author and just like most of you, I’m a work in progress. I’m worth the work and so are you.

Hi, I'm Alice.

I found my calling as a nurse while helping to care for my father, who was in declining health. He was a military man who smoked regularly and didn’t have the best eating habits. These habits eventually manifested themselves in a series of strokes and heart attacks, the last one so massive he couldn’t fight his way back from it. That was the catalyst. I vowed then and there, I’d be the best cardiac nurse in the world.

I hope to inspire and support you through your own challenges. Whether it's physical, mental or emotional – they all impact one another.

I’ve been striving for that title every single day for over 20 years. This motivation led to my becoming a nationally board-certified clinical nurse specialist and now a spokesperson for The American Heart Association. I’ve appeared on TV shows like Dr. Oz and The Doctors; spoken on radio shows, like the Tom Joyner Morning Show and contributed to Fox News Health Magazine and Black Enterprise. Outreach is incredibly important to me and through community events I’m able to connect with the public and teach them how they can live happier, healthier lives.

Consider me your nurse concierge, your health ambassador, your ride or die (not literally!) wellness coach; whatever you want to call me, I’m here to support and encourage you.

Read my blog, watch my interviews, check out my products and services and make this your first step towards personal health and wellness. Live well, my friends.

From then on, I made healthier food choices, added physical activity to my daily routine and stopped neglecting my mental health. Slowly, my life changed for the better. Was it easy? Heck no! I’ve suffered my fair share of disappointments and challenges and so will you. But you don’t have to do it alone.

As a nurse, I believe I should lead by example, but I didn’t always practice what I preached. At one point, I was a full-time student, a nurse, a wife, a mom, and I felt like I was losing myself. I was always on the go, eating whatever, whenever. Mindless eating and no exercise. Before long, I was overweight, borderline hypertensive and the stress of my divorce was taking its toll. I was suffering mentally and physically. Thinking about my dad’s last few years on this earth brought me back to reality. I didn’t want to leave my four boys without a mother. I needed to get it together!

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